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Automatic High Speed Uv Spot Varnishing Machine (Dual Functions, For Both Thick and Thin Paper) All-Way Gripper Conveyor

This machine is a high-speed spot/flood UV & IR coating machine, which could be used withblanket or flexo plates. The coating’s registration is very precise and the coating iseven and uniform. The applications are widely for books, advertisements, boxes, plasticfilms and high-end packaging. The coating could improve the quality and performance ofprinted materials. Several safety sensors and friendly operation procedure make theoperation is very easy and safe. This machine uses swing-down sheet transfer system so asto run high-speed stably.

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High Speed Feeder

Max. pile height:1250 mm.
Accurate entry of sheets into varnishing unit.
Double sheet detector.
Miss sheet control.
Emergency stop.
Barrier for foreign objects.
Overrun safety device at feeder.


U.V Coating Unit

Underswing arm infeeding system.
High speed coating system up to 8800 Sheet/Hour.
Coating cylinder φ300 mm, and huge impression cylinderφ600 mm
Sealed body frames (thickness is 295mm) with inner transmission gearbox.
Automatic central lubrication system.
Blanket rubber × 1.
2-Sets of clamp for blanket.
Varnish tank (SUS: #304, Capacity: 40 kg) with heater and pump for continuous varnish circulation.


IR. Drying System for Water Base Coating

IR. Drying system for water base coating.
Total power 16kw/ 2 set ( or 24 kw / 3 set)with 16pcs/ 2 set ( or 24 kw / 3 set) IR. Tube.
Hot air system for water base drying.


U.V Curing System for U.V Coating

U.V 3-lamps curing equipment.
Control panel.
Full-lamp & half-lamp safety device.
Safety control for over-temperature.
Protector for UV light emission.



Max. pile height: 1250mm.
16pcs gripper bar for sheet transfer.
Exhaust system with exhaust blower & ducts to extract fumes.
The lift limit switch with sensor device.
Sheet decurler.
PLC program circuit control, control panel, and security system.


Model XJU-350SW XJU-420SW XJU-480SW
Speed 8000pcs/hour 8000pcs/hour 8000pcs/hour
Max. sheet Size(L*W)mm 730*1040 900*1260 1070*1450
Min. sheet Size(L*W)mm 350*350 350*350 350*350
Total Power 78 69 76
Machine Weigth(KG) 7300 8200 12900

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