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Automatic High Speed Varnishing and Calendering Machine


● This machine adopts the water type powder removing device, which can remove the dust on the printing ink and improve the production quality. The oil delivery head adopts the high performance elastic and durable rubber wheel, the precision monotonous oil knife-the cleaning is easy without hurting the oil tanker. The knife can also be made use for long period of times. Moreover, the leanness of the back paper can always be maintained.
● The heating wheel breaks the tradition and uses high temperature welding to thicken the special processing-suitable for gas, steam, electric heat without deterioration, which can improve the product level and work efficiency.
● The electric eye for stopping on the conveying steel plate , use the imported special long-distance electric eye, avoid the electric eye from being exposed to high temperature, and increase the service life.
● The paper delivery adopts three-side paper alignment, wind pressure circuit-low noise, low failure rate, easy paper replacement, free sampling during operation, is a new product that has won a variety of new patents.

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Heating System

Adopts new German electromagnetic induction heater, increasing temperature more faster and saving power by 40% Cooling is more faster.


Pressing System

Use bigger diameter steel roller and imported rubber roller to press rapidly. Production speed up to 90 meters.


Detection System

Adopts the imported high precision detection sensor, when the steel belt runs to the welding part, the paper feeder will stop feeding. Thus, the paper is precisely avoided from being crushed at the laminating interface.


Stainless Steel Adjust System

Adopt the intelligent electric mode, control the big rubber roller to adjust the calendering steel belt accurately in operation.


Human Machine Interface

Humanized design, rotatable operation.


Model XJYM-1200 XJYM-1200 XJYM-1200L
Specification(W*L) 1200*1200(mm) 1200*1450(mm) 1200*1650(mm)
Speed 25-70m/min 25-70m/min 25-70m/min
Electricity Requirement(KW) 75kw(Electric heating type) 78kw(Electric heating type) 85kw(Electric heating type)
Dimension(L*W*H)mm 23000*2050*2200mm 25000*2050*2200mm 25000*2050*2200mm
Machine weight 10000kg 11600kg 12000kg

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