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Automatic Roll To Roll Lamination Machine


● Automatic unwinding system: equipped with tension controller, high efficiency and stability without impact.
● Correction system; with automatic detection, automatic tracking, automatic adjustment and other functions.
● Set coating oil head/drying system/lamination host in one body. Straight arrangement structure, light and compact fuselage structure. The pressure roller surface is covered with a hard special rubber surface.
● Drying unit: Special strong hot air recycling cycle drying system and automatic temperature control, so that the water-based glue can get faster dried with higher reaction speed, being energy saving also.
● The coating drum is composed of a ceramic metering roller. It can be stopped separately to save cleaning time. The speed can be changed with the speed of the machine. The ceramic drum has good effect and uniform coating.
● The winding system is equipped with a controller, which always keeps the material edge and the reel vertical, and finally makes the receiving coils neatly.

Product Detail

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Model XJFMR-1200 XJFMR-1300 XJFMR-1450 XJFMR-1650
Max. Paper Size 1200mm 1300mm 1450mm 1650mm
Min. Paper Size 350mm 350mm 450mm 450mm
Paper thickness 100-500gram 100-500gram 100-500gram 100-500gram
Film thickness 12~25μm 12~25μm 12~25μm 12~25μm
Power required 20kw (380V AC3 50 HZ) 23kw (380V AC3 50 HZ) 26kw (380V AC3 50 HZ) 28kw (380V AC3 50 HZ)
Laminating speed 50-120m/min 50-100m/min 50-90m/min 50-90m/min
Dimension(LxWxH) 5980*2600*2800mm 5980*2900*2800mm 5980*3115*2800mm 5980*3200*2800mm
Machine Weight 4.2T 4.8T 5.5T 6.5T

Range Of Application

Wisely Used in posters, books, brochures, color boxes, color box packaging, bags and other web paper coating process.

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