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Automatic High-speed Calendering Machine


● Paper feed adopts the latest type paper feeder-high efficiency; vacuum suction paper-stable, low noise; single tray iron plate paper-push cart saves manpower and paper stacking time, work efficiency improved; lift-type conveyor-the maintenance and cleaning space is wide and convenient.
● The heating wheel breaks the tradition and uses high temperature welding to thicken the special processing-suitable for gas, steam, electric heat without deterioration, which can improve the product level and work efficiency.
● The electric eye for stopping on the conveying steel plate, use the imported special long-distance electric eye, avoid the electric eye from being exposed to high temperature, and increase the service life.
● The paper delivery adopts three-side paper alignment, wind pressure circuit-low noise, low failure rate, easy paper replacement, free sampling during operation, is a new product that has won a variety of new patents.
● Electromagnetic heater: rapid heating in 90 seconds, temperature control accuracy ±1℃

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Model XJC-1200 XJC-1200 XJC-1200L
Specification(W*L) 1200*1200(mm) 1200*1450(mm) 1200*1650(mm)
Speed 25-80m/min 25-80m/min 25-80m/min
Electricity Requirement(KW) 48kw(Electric heating type) 53kw(Electric heating type) 60kw(Electric heating type)
Drive motor 14kw 14kw 16kw
Machine dimension(L*W*H)mm 12000*3150*2000mm 12500*3150*2000mm 13200*3100*2000mm
Machine weight 6000kg 6500kg 7500kg

Range Of Application

It is suitable for web coating processes such as posters, books, brochures, color boxes, packaging, luggage, etc. Ideal for a variety of thermal film lamination applications, ensuring precise separation without film edges, especially effective on PET films, metallized films, etc. Provides superior features to improve the quality of paper packaging products.

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