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Automatic High Speed Laminating Machine with Flying Knife (Water-Based Glue/ Oily Glue/ Pre-Coated Film)


● Servo drive system controls the paper overlap system, making paper overlap more stable, efficient and accurate.
● Thermal energy utilization reaches 95%, and the heating rate is doubled.
● Heat recycling system, effectively reduce heat loss, more energy saving and environmental protection, improve efficiency by 25%.
● Flying-knife laminating machine: Flying-knife cutter system is specialized in thin paper, PET, PVC, thin film, it is available for all kinds of film.

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Paper Feeder

High-speed feeder heads with four-suction, four-feed is applying into kinds of thin and thick paper.


High Precision Servo-Drive Will Control the Paper Overlap System


Dust Remover

Electrostatic powder cleaner can remove more than 90% of dust from paper surface.


Eletromagnetic Heating System

Low heat loss, high utilization, fast heating, 20% energy saving.


Coating System

High-precision laser-engraving ceramic roller and scraper system ensure that the glue is thinner and more uniform.


Flying-Knife Cutter

Flying-knife cutter specialized in thin paper, PET, PVC, thin film, it is available for all kinds of film.


Snapping System

Snapping roller system suitable for different sizes of the sheet, and it is more stable for thin paper cutting with easy adjustment.


Paper Delivery System

Pneumatic jogging system, waste discharge system, paper can be neatly collected even under high speed production.


Human Machine Interface

Humanized design, rotatable operation.


Electric Box in CE Standard

Imported electrical components, PLC control system for circuit.


Quick Connect to Theaviation Plug

Imported electrical components, PLC control system for circuit


Model XJFMK-1200 XJFMK-1200L XJFMK-1200XL XJFMK-1300L XJFMK-1450L
Speed(M/min) 25-85 25-85 25-75 25-75 25-75
Paper Thickness(g/m2) 100-500 100-500 100-500 100-500 100-500
Max. Sheet Size(W*L)mm 1200*1200 1200*1450 1200*1650 1300*1650 1450*1650
Min. Sheet Size(W*L)mm 300*300 300*300 350*350 350*350 400*400
Power Requirement(KW) 56 60 60 65 70
Production Power(KW) 28 32 36 42 46
Dimension(L*W*H)mm 12500*2600*2800 13200*2600*2800 14500*3800*2800 16500*4300*2800 16500*4600*2800
Machine Weight(KG) 9500 10500 12000 12500 13700

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