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Automatic High Speed UV Spot Varnishing Machine (Dual Functions, For Both Thick and Thin Paper) Half-Way Gripper Conveyor

Auto Feeder
Non-stop Feeding and Delivery Mechanism
Multifunctional Coating Unit
Pre-stack Car Device
UV Drying System
Ceramic Anilox Roller
Auto Delivery Unit
Auto Control

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Enlarged feeder with four sucking and six sending, and the spool adds a blower channel to send paper smoothly and easily.


High Precision Servo-Drive Will Control the Paper Overlap SystemFront Side Lay Gauge

When sheet reaches front lay gauge, left and right pulling lay gauge can be chosen. The machine can stop feeding immediately by sensor once sheet missed or run out, meanwhile pressure released to keep bottom roller under no varnish condition.


Varnish Supply

Steel roller and rubber roller with metering roller reversing and scraper structure control varnish consumption and volume to meet the demand of products and operate easily. (Varnish consumption and volume are determined by the line qty of ceramic anilox roller).


Sheet Putting

Sheet putting is achieved by cam and air blowing together to guarantee sheet is smoothly put on the conveying belt.


IR Drying System

Two options: Half-power heating OR full-power heating.


Electronic Intelligent UV

Using the latest electronic intelligent UVlight source to make the light on more fastand safe, compared with the traditional UVpower saving 35% power.


Conveying Unit

Upper and lower conveying belt can form thin sheet to be curved for neat and smooth delivery.


Sheet Delivery

Pneumatic control through the electric eye count automatic paper align, automatic drop, so that the delivery is very smooth. The rear gear is electronically controlled, allowing samples to be easily, quickly and safely taken out during product inspection.


Electric Box in CE Standard

Imported electrical components, PLC control system for circuit.


Quick Connect to Theaviation Plug

Imported electrical components, PLC control system for circuit.


Model XJU-1040 XJU-1450 XJU-1620
Max. Sheet Size 730*1040mm 1100*1450mm 1300*1620mm
Min. Sheet Size 310*406mm 350*460mm 500*460mm
Max. Coating Area 720*1030mm 1090*1440mm 1290*1610mm
Sheet Thickness 80~500gsm 80~600gsm 125~500gsm
Coating Accuracy ±02.mm ±0.2mm ±0.2mm
Production Speed 7200sheets/hour 5000sheets/hour 3000sheets/hour
Total Power 42.8kw(oily)/ 44kw(water-based) 52kw(oily) 53kw(oily)
Dimension(L*W*H) 12800*3400*2300mm 12800*3600*2300mm 12840*3400*2360mm
Machine Weight 8000kg 10800kg 12000kg


The machine is multi-functional high-speed spot UV varnishing, designed for thin paper 80-157g/㎡ paper to fulfill a full page and spot UV varnishing process, Varnishing can be used both blanket and resin pallet to adjust the UV oil coating, simple and fast operation.

Range Of Application

Widely used in books, instructions and exquisite gift boxes, gift box packaging and other varnishing surface treatment process.

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