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Fully Automatic High Speed Four Coating Head UV Varnishing Machine (Multifunctional Type)


Fully automatic fast model with a single-color adjustment system, with a maximum speed of 90 meters per minute, enabling a signiticant increase in production capacityThe B model is equipped with an air knife system in the UV coating system so that the machine can easily UV polish thin paper.(Another air knife system can be purchased in thebase oil coating system)* Dual powder removing system can ensure the cleanness of paper surface before varnishing , to improve the quality of varnishing.* The UV lamp of UV curina & drying system has two modesfuly-ichtin and sem-ichtin states which can extend the service ife of UV lamp. the UV amp holder can be moved upand down by air pressure system at emergency to ensure the safety and to reduce the loss.

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Water-based Powder Removal System

Use Water circulation to remove dust onpaper surface to ensure the varnishingquality.


Base Oil Coating System

It is available for both water-based glueand oily glue, blister varnishing. also thewater-based calendering.


UV Surface Coating UV

UV varnishing system adopts reversal. Anilox roller to control the oil thicknessto ensure smooth coating, insteadsqueezing the rubber roller.


Miltu-functional Coating System

Available for Anti-scratch matte finish, softtouch finish, Dyeing, De-plastination, Primer on metalized paper.


IR/UV Drying System

Two options: Half-power heating or ful-power heating.


Electronic Intelligent UV

Using the latest electronic intelligent UV light source to make the light on more fastand safe, compared with the traditional UV power saving 35% power.


Vacuum Air Pump

Paper feeder adopt vacuum suction blowing: using the latest air pump, nonoise, high environmental protection and energy saving, no over heat, low power.


Electric Box in CE Standard

Imported electrical components, PLC control system for circuit.


Model XJT-4 XJT-4 XJT-4 XJT-4 XJT-4
Max. Sheet Size(W*L)mm 1200*1200mm 1200*1650mm 1450*1450mm 1450*1650mm 1650*2250mm
Min. Sheet Size (W*L)mm 350*350mm 350*350mm 350*350mm 350*350mm 350*350mm
Paper Size(g/m2) 230-600g(with air knife above 175g) 230-600g(with air knife above 175g) 230-600g(with air knife above 175g) 230-600g(with air knife above 175g) 230-600g(with air knife above 175g)
Electrical Heater(KW) 36/48 36/50 40/55 40/58 48/63
3 pieces of UV lamp(KW) 30 30 36 40 48
Power requirement(KW) 80/90 80/90 80/90 90/98 102/115
Machine Speed(m/min) 0-90 0-90 0-90 0-90 0-90
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)mm 19800*3400*2300mm 21750*3600*2300mm 21750*3900*2300mm 22500*4190*2300mm 24500*4590*2300mm
Machine Weight(KG) 10900kg 11200kg 11300kg 11500kg 12500kg


This machine is the latest multi-function varnishing machine, First set is the water-based powder cleaning system, which can effectively remove the paper dust, to make paper surface more clean and smooth. Second set is for base oil coating system, can be used as water-based glossy oil, blister oil, soft touch oil and dyeing coating, etc., and the third set is for multifunctional coating, using high precision transmission way, can do anti- scratch matte oil, soft touch oil and dyeing coating etc., the fourth set is for the UV surface oil system, adopts the ceramic roller coating, to make the UV gloss surface with excellent efficient and delicate finish, can coating water-based UV oil at the same time.

Range Of Application

A variety of high-end printing packaging box surface varnishing process, effectively prevent the paper burst, wear-resistant, waterproof, etc.

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