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Xju-1040 Spot UV Varnishing Machines 3 Sets Installation in Indonesia, Vietnam at Oct, 2023

We are installed SUNKIA spot UV varnishing machines. The director said, “It was took short period to know about the SUNKIA brand before the purchase, it has built the enough confidence to us while their brand with good comments in our country. And along with their professional communication and test the perfect paper product. The SUNKIA machine providing customers with highest value for money invested.”


The client is under the initial stages of production with the machine and director said he is quite happy with performance of the product. “Production efficiency has gone up after the installation. In packaging, time is money and we are known for our deliveries, and this machine has boosted our quality to a greater extent,” he said.

In addtion, the director said his company is expecting to grow more and more higher than the other competitor in the new future since he is wiiling to invest machines.


Sunkia Automatic high-speed UV spot varnishing machine(for both thin and thick paper), which is multi-functional high-speed spot UV varnishing, designed for thin paper 80-157g/㎡ paper to fulfill a full page and spot UV varnishing process, Varnishing can be used both blanket and resin pallet to adjust the UV oil coating, simple and fast operation. Widely used in books, instructions and exquisite gift boxes, gift box packaging and other varnishing surface treatment process.Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt about paper production/machine technique/technique chanllege. we are very happy to if we can fix problem for you.

Post time: Mar-13-2024