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The developing trend of printing industry

The development prospect of China’s printing industry in the next five years predicts the transformation of China’s economic situation, the adjustment of industrial layout, the decline of the printing industry profit, how many printing and packaging plants need to solve the problem of jumping out of the dilemma. And the printing industry in the future will be what kind of development direction, show what kind of development trend, also become a lot of professional concerns.

It is said that the industry trend is “one change in 5 years”. In my opinion, the development trend of the major packaging and printing companies so far can predict the market prospect of the development direction of China’s printing and packaging factories in the next 5 years.

The integration of printing and packaging plants is inevitable
Latest news data survey report: The Cost of Chinese companies are rising, but the market sales profit fell to the lowest in history.
As a matter of fact, the printing industry cannot avoid the overall situation and suffers from the same situation. The cost of human capital is on the rise, the rental cost of stores or factories is not only on the rise, but the profit of packaging and printing is in the sharp decline.

The culprit is overcapacity.Due to the lack of competitive advantage, some companies fight price competition to maintain the basic survival in the sales market.Many small and medium-sized package-printing companies are closing their stores and withdrawing from the sales market amid rising costs and declining profits.

But neither dodging nor hard fighting is the final solution.With the upgrading and transformation of the packaging and printing manufacturing industry, there will be a large number of small and medium-sized printing and packaging plants to meet the integration of both the road.

The improvement of machinery and equipment has become an inevitable trend
What about the rising cost of human capital?If you don’t want to incur higher labor costs, you’ll have to increase productivity.
And the key is to improve the company’s machinery.Moderately upgrade machinery and equipment and technology, and replace human capital with appropriate capital injection is the future direction.

Why is it cheaper to invest in machinery and equipment technically than in manpower?
Since China is in the economic downturn at the present stage, the market price of machinery and equipment is relatively low. Replacing labor with machinery and equipment is a short-term improvement in fixed assets allocation. However, due to the continuous performance of machinery and equipment, high efficiency will be achieved.
At the same time, different periods of sales market have different packaging printing regulations, printing paper, processing technology change, improve the machinery and equipment can meet the sales market as soon as possible.

Attach great importance to customer packaging and printing experience
Do you understand? The word “customized” is deeply rooted in the hearts of customers, customized packaging and printing is more in line with the requirements of today’s customers.
With the development of the Internet and the improvement of humanized regulations, the large quantity of packaging and printing has been gradually reduced.In order to highlight the individuality, many customers are more willing to customize the goods suitable for themselves, while in the large digital packaging printing goods, the printed matter can be completely different from person to person, making an issue of difference and humanization.

Therefore, companies should do their best to provide customers with experiential services based on their characteristics and actual needs.

Traditional + large digital packaging printing becomes a new direction
The results of the worldwide development trend show that at present, 85% of the commercial service packaging printing companies in the world can provide large digital packaging printing services, in which 31% of the commercial service packaging printing companies stated that more than 25% of the main business income from large digital packaging printing.This report “naked” to inform everyone that the sales market for large digital packaging printing regulations are constantly improving.

In general, at the present stage, the large digital packaging printing in China only accounts for 1%, but with the improvement of the pursuit of perfect personalized consciousness and the improvement of environmental protection regulations, the production and manufacturing costs of traditional printing enterprises are rising, and therefore the large digital packaging printing is improving from the technology day by day.In the following period of time, large digital packaging printing will be introduced into a large number of various printing fields, and packaging printing companies will also choose a large number of traditional packaging printing to increase digital packaging printing, to meet the changing requirements of the sales market.

Let Internet technology intervene in operation and management
The e-commerce industry has a good understanding of Internet technology.In recent years, in addition to offline physical stores, printing and packaging factories also compete to open online stores based on e-commerce to expand the market sales area. In terms of raw materials, customer relationship maintenance and company profits, they constantly rely on data for analysis, so as to make more accurate changes to the changes.

In my opinion, this development trend will only increase and not decrease in the next five years. A large number of printing and packaging factories will move their printing business online. Meanwhile, they will apply big data to analyze data and promote and market their own products with the mentality of netizens.
Therefore, to seize online resources and enable online channels is a necessary action for packaging and printing companies to seek development direction in the next five years.
In flexible plastic packaging, commonly used aluminum plating film is basically divided into two categories, CPP aluminum plating, PET aluminum plating, but due to the aluminum plating film composite is easy to appear aluminum plating transfer phenomenon, which brings great losses to many packaging enterprises, this paper, from the point of binder, put forward different solutions to prevent aluminum plating film transfer.

1. Two-component polyurethane adhesive
1) Special adhesive for aluminum plating film is adopted
Poor ordinary adhesive solvent release and adhesive is easy to permeate aluminized layer, affect the fastness of aluminized layer, composite dry if the result is bad, solvent residue is too big, after curing adhesive strength will decline, even aluminized transfer occur, so should choose appropriate molecular weight, good solvent release, are uniformly coated aluminum plating film of high viscous force is not special adhesives.
2) Proper amount of glue applied
The amount of glue is large, easy to cause the drying effect is not good, so that the adhesive permeates to the aluminum coating, and also extend the curing time, easy to occur aluminum coating transfer phenomenon, so the amount of glue should be controlled in the appropriate position, according to the experience of general control in 2~2.5g.
3) Reduction of curing agent
Improve the softness of the adhesive layer, but also effectively prevent the transfer of aluminum coating, usually used to reduce the amount of curing agent, this situation can only be used in light packaging and stripping strength requirements of the products, polyester aluminum products as far as possible not to use this method.
4) Improve the drying temperature and wind speed of the drying path
In the aluminized film compound processing process, should appropriately improve the drying temperature of the drying path, for example, increase 5-10 degrees, and ensure the wind speed in 5 meters/s above, make the solvent volatilized more thoroughly, reduce the solvent residue, in addition can also use high net line, high concentration coating can also.
5) Increase curing temperature and shorten curing time
Aluminized film composite products in the curing process should be appropriate to improve the curing temperature, shorten the curing time, so that the adhesive to reduce the penetration of aluminum coating damage, effectively prevent the transfer of aluminum coating, general control temperature 50-60 degrees, time in 24 hours or so, avoid long time curing.
6) Use good quality aluminum plating film
If cost permits, purchase high quality aluminized film, such as with base coating.

2. Water-based adhesive
1) for lightweight product packaging, such as puffed food, instant noodles and other production, the materials used for CPP aluminum plating, basically in order to control the production cost, most use for single component waterborne adhesives, in the process of production for many years, have arisen only problem of ink transfer, and aluminized transfer, at the same time by actual testing, after composite peel strength can be found within 1 ON/more than 15 mm, can meet the standard for this kind of packaging products.
2) Use water-based adhesive to produce aluminized products, the aniline roller USES about 200 lines, the amount of glue is controlled in 1.2~1.8 grams, to ensure the uniform amount of coating, good drying effect, which not only reduces the production cost to a certain extent, but also effectively solve the problem of solvent residue, to ensure the normal production of customers.Reduce the late if the solvent residual excessive adverse effects.At the same time for full white ink products, the effect is particularly ideal.

Post time: Oct-29-2020