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Conquer plasticizer technical barrier green non-toxic plasticizer packaging will come

Technical barriers and current limitations in industrial development are often difficult to break, and the same is true for plasticizer products in China.How to achieve truly non-toxic green, how to overcome the technical barriers of western plasticizer has been the focus of industry research direction.Recently, the good news came that Zhengzhou University has developed a green non-toxic plasticizer, which will bring benefits to the food packaging of plasticizer products in China.

Our country overcomes plasticizer technical barrier green non-toxic plasticizer packaging will come

Led by Professor Liu Zhongyi of The School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Zhengzhou University, the scientific research team of The Green Catalytic Process of The Education Department of Henan Province, after more than a year of research, has recently successfully achieved the non-toxicity of phthalic plasticizer in the laboratory, and the main performance of the product has reached the European Standard for similar plasticizers, and is about to enter the pilot test.After mass production, it is expected to realize complete non-toxicity of plastic products in many fields in China.

According to introducing, o-benzene class plasticizer is the most widely used in the world, the largest amount of plastic processing, chemical production of auxilaries, widely used in plastic, rubber, adhesives, cellulose, resin, medical equipment, cable and other products.However, the benzene ring structure in phthalic plasticizer is harmful to human, animal, plant and environment, especially to human reproductive system.As a result, the Eu adopted a directive at the end of 2005 banning the use of phthalates in products that come into close contact with the human body, such as food, medical packaging and children’s toys.Since 2011, many countries, including China, have set the same standards as the EU.The nontoxic plasticizer products in Our country are extremely urgent.

As a result of this research, industrialization is gradually being realized, and the technical barriers and strict standards of the EU will be broken down.At the same time, with the production of domestic manufacturers, the price of green non-toxic plasticizer is expected to drop significantly, all downstream industries, including ordinary consumers will benefit from it.

Post time: Oct-29-2020