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About Varnishing machine

Varnishing machine is an important equipment for paper finishing processing and production of packaging products such as cartons and paper boxes. It plays a very important role in improving the surface properties of printing products and improving the wear resistance, pollution resistance and water resistance of printing products. For printing and carton enterprises, it is of great significance to choose the varnishing machine with excellent machine structure, stable performance, convenient operation, high production efficiency, wide applicability and good energy saving. Therefore, the correct understanding and understanding of the structure and characteristics of varnishing machine , master the key points of purchasing control of varnishing machine, is an important part of improving production efficiency and product quality. 1. The head of varnishing machine andconveyor belt are separately controlled by stepless speed regulating motor. 2. The main part of the drying road adopts IR drying and fan cooling, saving energy 60% compared with the traditional red line drying. 3. The main part of the drying road is 2 meters longer than the market products, which improves the polishing speed of the whole machine. 5, special varnish roller, durable and stable, suitable for a variety of varnish oil, pressure varnish oil, blister oil, De-plastination oil and other oil, uniform varnishing effect. 6, varnishing coating using direct form, simple operation, fast and efficient. 7, base, panels are made of cast iron structure, never deformation. The structure and precision will not be affected during the use and maintenance of replacement parts. varnish cardboard thickness up to 20mm (customer requirements) optional automatic paper feeding,automatic paper receiving machine to achieve automation.
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Post time: Oct-29-2020